The “Wind powered street organ” is an outdoor sound and music installation. The audience can see a street organ, a wind mill, a sail and listen to new music, when the wind blows.

The street organ itself is a classic Germain model Raffin 20/31. The composers Ruben Sverre Gjertsen, Norway, has written the music for the street organ. Ruben Sverre Gjertsen´s composition is inspired by the topography of the seven Bergen mountains speak in 2000.

The “Wind powered street organ” is self motored in a way where a smaller engine/drill is connected to the street organs turn wheel. A wind mill produces the electricity, and deliver it directly to the drill through a battery. A lot of wind means fast music, where if it is a gentle breeze the music goes slow and by wind still, it will be silent. The street organ is modified and has a plexi glass construction, which enables the music book to run in a loop and have the music play for ever.